Monday, November 26, 2012

Hasan Isakkut: Music from Turkey

The Kanun
On November 12th, the Elmira College Encore Program featured another one of many acts from around the world, the Hasan Isakkut Ensemble. However, this group just happened to be from Adana, Turkey (which is located near one of the cities that we will be visiting). They are currently based out of New York City. Their performance was unique, and they were able to engage many audience members, some who even began to dance or clap. The quartet composed of a guitar, percussion, bass, and an unusual instrument distinctive of the Turkish culture, the Kanun. The pieces were based strongly on Turkish folk songs, but still, Hasan and the group arranged each selection and incorporated many improvisations to match their style. These songs, which are based heavily on quartertones, Turkish modes, a triplet structure, revealed a piece of Turkey’s history as well. It was a pleasure to see so many students on the trip attend an event that will soon be a part of their everyday culture. 

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