Kayla Crane '13

My name is Kayla Crane, and I am a Speech and Language Disabilities major. I am from Clinton, NY. I am also on the Elmira College Equestrian Team. I look forward to being a part of a different culture and experiencing the world. This is my first time travelling out of the states. I cannot wait to enjoy Greece and Turkey and everything it has to offer within their cultures! _____________________________________________________________________________

Katie Darrah '13

My name is Katie Darrah, and I am from Brownville, NY. I am a senior and majoring in Speech and Language Disabilities. I have been to the Bahamas, Mexico, and Costa Rica, but this will be my first time to Europe! I am very excited to learn Greek and Turkish. I am also looking forward to learning about these countries' cultures and Greek food, of course!


Tara Donovan '16


Dann Gladnick '14
Hey, my name is Dann Gladnick and I am a History major in my third year at Elmira College. I am excited to travel to both Greece and Turkey as I enjoy travelling and taking in what the world has to offer. My interests include sports, music, movies, and travelling as I have already spent time abroad in numerous countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, and a few others. This trip is ripe with culture and historical significance, and I look forward to having a great time.

Isa Gonzalez '14
My name is Isa Gonzalez'14. I am currently majoring in Psychology. I am from San Diego, California. I am currently part of the Elmira College Environmental Club, Colleges Against Cancer, and Student Alumni Council. I have never traveled anywhere outside of the United States except for a seven-day cruise to Mexico, but I have traveled to over 20 states in the United States. Not only am I extremely excited to visit Greece and Turkey and learn about the history that took place, but I am also looking forward to getting to know everybody on the trip! This is going to be a fun and unforgettable experience! 

Jessica Hassan '15

My name is Jessica Hassan, and I am from Northville, NY. I am a Sophomore at Elmira College, majoring in Biology. My activities include involvement in Student Alumni Council and Pre-Health Club. Last year, I traveled to the Bahamas for Term III. I have always wanted to travel to Greece, and am very excited to for the trip!

_____________________________________________________ _________________________           

 Michael Knapp '15

My name is Michael Knapp ’15 from Hooversville, PA. I am a Chemistry and Mathematical Science major. I'm looking forward to experiencing the rich history and culture of Greece and Turkey. As well as rocking a speedo on the Mediterranean beaches. I've never gone on a term 3 trip, but I have traveled to almost every state in the continental U.S., Canada, and several Caribbean Islands.


Kathleen Kopaskie '15

I am Kathleen Kopaskie '15 from Rensselaer, NY. I am an International Studies major with a possible triple minor in Spanish, Political Science and Math. This is my second time to Europe, as I traveled to Spain for a week during my senior year of high school. This is my second Term III trip, as I went to the Bahamas last year. I am truly excited to travel to Turkey and Greece, as both will be unlike any place I have ever traveled to, and I am excited to learn some Greek and Turkish!


Justin Labrie '15

My name is Justin P. Labrie '15. I am a Clinical Laboratory Science major with a Pre-Medical (Podiatry) concentration. I am from Manchester, New Hampshire. I tutor Biology, General Chemistry, and the Anatomy and Physiology sequence for freshman biology majors and freshman nursing majors. I am also in the pre-health club. This will be my first time over seas. I am excited to just simply for over seas and see a new place that is different than America.


Lynn Leach '14
Hello, I am Lynn Leach ’14, biology major with a chemistry minor and pre-med focus from Chateaugay, New York. This will not be my first Term III travel experience, as I traveled to the island of San Salvador, Bahamas Term III of 2012. During that time, I was taking a marine and island ecology course and enjoyed snorkeling at corals reefs seeing all of the diverse fishes and all of the nature hikes the class went on around the island. I am even more excited to travel to Turkey and Greece to learn about the culture and history of these countries; I am sure it will be much better than reading a history book in library. 

Zack Machuga '14
Hello, my name is Zack Machuga, and I am one of the blog managers for this site. I am an International Relations and Business major, and this will be my second trip abroad, the first being to India last spring. I am from Bradford, NY where I work on a dairy farm, but I am involved with many clubs on campus as well, including: Model UN, WECW Radio Station, Octagon Newspaper, Dorm Council, Class Treasurer, and Active Minds. This summer I also plan to intern with our local Congressman, Tom Reed. For the trip, I am most excited to see the Mosque of Suleiman in Istanbul, and I hope it is an enjoyable experience for all. 

Lou Marchionda '14

My name is Lou Marchionda ’14, and I am a History and Classical Studies major from Dundee, New York.  I can’t wait to go see the palace remains on Crete, which will be one of our many stops on the Greece portion of this trip. This will be the first time for me to leave the continent (I've only visited Canada thus far), so it will be really neat for me to experience all of the different cultures! 


Elliott Mathis '14

Hi, my name is Elliott Mathis. I am extremely excited to travel to both Greece and Turkey this year. Having spent time abroad in Europe before, I am looking forward to returning. I hold concentrations in both Economics and in Marketing. My interest include sports, music, food, and traveling. The opportunity to travel to Greece and Turkey is one that I expect to take full advantage of. 

Connor McGuire '15

My name is Connor McGuire '15, from Buffalo, New York. I am a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies. My interests are varied, ranging from tap dance, to geography, to languages including German. I am  also actively involved with many theatre productions on campus. I have been to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein in Europe before, but look most forward to visiting Istanbul as well as Cappadocia and Crete. I am also an avid origami enthusiast and enjoy learning about the various cultures of the world.

Maria Perez '14

My name is Maria Perez ’14, born May 27, 1990 in Bronx, NY. My major is English Literature. I have always wanted to go to Greece, and I knew that one day I would go to both Greece and Turkey. I am looking forward to learning more about Greek and Turkish society, especially the food, and the history, look forward to walk where people walked thousands of years ago. This will be my first trip through the college, but I have traveled to Colombia before, visiting family on my mother's side. I am Bilingual in both English and Spanish, but as in everything in life I constantly learning new things about both languages.

Brittany Schmidt '15

My name is Brittany Schmidt and I am a psychology, criminal justice double major. I am from Corfu, New York. I am really excited to explore Crete and the Hagia Sofia. This will be the first time I will be visiting another country because I don't really consider Canada any different due to how close I live to the border, so this trip will be a new and amazing experience.


Carrie Spicer '13 

Hello, my name is Carrie C. Spicer, one of the blog managers for this site. I am a Biology Major and Chemistry Minor, and I am from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Looking forward to graduating in the fall and what better way to end my senior year and go on this trip. Last year for Term III, I went to the Bahamas and loved the snorkeling with all the colorful fish. I am over joyed to explore the places across the big blue ocean, and see the cultures and way of living. Who knows what’s in store, I hope Greece and Turkey are ready for us. ____________________________________________________________________________

Krystal Washburn '13 

My name is Krystal Washburn, and I am from Orchard Park, NY. Currently, I am a senior studying both Business Administrations with a concentration in Marketing as well as Psychology. This will be my first Term III trip; however, I have traveled to Europe and the South Pacific previously. I have always wanted to travel to Greece, and am excited to be immersed in the Greek and Turkish culture!

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