Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 24: Corinth & Mycenae


Another early morning start. After arriving in Athens, we left for the Peloponnese. Our first stop was  breakfast at the Isthmus where we saw the Corinth Canal separating Attica from the Peloponnese. This was followed by the ancient city of Corinth, whose Roman remains we still see today as well as an early Temple to Apollo.

The Corinth Canal
Inside Museum

Temple of Apollo

Roman Agora

After Corinth we drove to Mycenae, the center of Mycenaean Civilization and the Palace of Agamemnon.

Grave Circle A

The Megaron or throne room

The underground cistern

Tholos tomb of Atreus

Top of Beehive Tomb

At the museum

Michalis Findings
After lunch we went to a ceramics workshop, where everyone was able to create a piece of art.

Playing with the Clay

Making the perfect circle

Molding his pot!

Turtle Pot

Finally we ended our day with dinner at yiayia's (Michalis' mother) house in Mycenae.

The Table

How to open an Easter egg? Bang it against each other eggs.

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