Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 27: Delphi

The day started out driving to Delphi. The bus had a mechanical problem and we were stuck for one hour at a random hotel, so a coffee break was in order. Once that was fixed we had a great drive with amazing views. The bridge that crosses the Corinthian Gulf looked like sail boats and had a Venetian fortress on the right side.


Crossing the Corinthian Gulf

Harbor at Naupaktos, where we stopped for a break

Venetian Fort

Arriving in Delphi

We made it to Delphi with 5 minutes to make it within the site. Delphi is the site of the oracle of Apollo, with the temple of Apollo, the theater built into the hillside, and a stadium at the top of the hill.
Sacred Way, leading to the Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo, where the Oracle at Delphi was located

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

Treasury of the Athenians


Navel or center of the ancient world

View from Hotel at Delphi

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