Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 23: Leaving Crete

Our day started out by visiting Gortyn. This site contained an early Christian church, a Roman odeion with a wall containing the Gortyn Law Code dating to the 5th C. well as a tree that never drops its leaves.

The Church

Law Code 
On the next site we hiked up the acropolis of Prinias to find the archaic Temple to Apollo from the 7th century B.C. Our pictures allow you to imagine what the temple would have looked like with the columns.
The view!

The hike up the hill

Oh trying to be columns.. haha

Statues.. Can you name the stances?

A Chapel
We stopped for lunch in a cute little village, where we were served all home grown and home cooked food. The main dish consisted of lamb chops, and the shared dishes with amazing tomatoes and other vegetables. After the lunch we were entertained by a lyra player. We also got to learn some Cretan dance moves from Dr. D.


Circling around dancing!
After dancing we had some time before we left Crete by ferry, so we stopped back in the city of Heraklion for a coffee and ice cream break. We then set sail on the ferry overnight back to the mainland.
Lion's Fountain

Coffee Break!

Back to the Ferry

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