Friday, March 22, 2013

Last Meeting Before We Leave!

Hello Everyone,

Here is the long blog about everything that the last meeting we went over. Bare with me its long.

IMPORTANT: Send Heidi an email with your cell phone number, allergies (food, medicine), and if you are going to be meeting us at airport or if you will be riding the bus!

Give your parents the hotels and flight information, as well as set up a skype account or some sort of internet way to reach them, easier then calling. Emailing! If people will be bringing computers it's a way we can easily communicate in places we have internet access. 

About the journals, these are a note book that you record the details of the day and a memorabilia that you can look back on and remember what you did over there. Heidi will be looking at these so if you want it to be a personal dairy of the day, just know that she will be reading it. They will be helpful if you are in a museum and have to write about ten pieces of artwork and you can draw or figuratively describe the item.  That will help with the pop quizzes she will be giving us.

About packing, a 50 pound weight limit (ideal 45 lb, so you can bring home souvenirs). Bag can only be 27 inches or so, and wheels will be helpful when we are traveling everyday. You can only bring 1 carry on, plus a personal item (purse for women). We are flying United Airlines out of Newark, NJ -- you can see their website for more information if you need to know something.

Departure is APRIL 19th from EC Perry parking lot at 11 AM. This is important!! -- If you have a long drive, or want to come a night before we leave, make sure you contact your RLC and ask for that, and see if you can work out something. Also, if that is allowed, you will have to sign up at the CC info desk the week before break to say you will be coming to campus during break. -- I am thinking dinner and movie for people who come for the night before. (Only if you guys want to) --
If you're NOT driving with us, make sure you get to airport at least 3 hours before we have to depart so you can go through security and we will meet you at the gate! - If you have problems, you need to call Heidi!

Your Paper!  This is a big part of the grade. Heidi will read your drafts; she already sent out pointers and style tactics if you need some guidance, but she also wants to see your draft before finals week to give individual feedback. Make sure you have the final paper and handouts (20) for the presentation. PACK THESE!!

PASSPORT!! Heidi needs a copy of the first page with all of your information on it about your beautiful self. Heidi will need a copy to make reservations all the hotels, for example. I would also suggest making a copy for your parents at home, one to keep yourself, and one to give a trusted friend who will be staying at Elmira Term III. If you lose your passport on the trip (first of all, don't), but it will be easier and faster if we have copies if we have to visit the American Embassy over there. Please send that to her. It is also a good idea to make sure she has a copy of other medical issue papers.

ISIC Cards, these are those cards that Heidi gave us from the mail. If you haven't done so yet, please follow the instructions to activate the card.  These too need to be brought with you. Put it with your passport!!

Packing: Heidi suggested bring two weeks worth of underwear and bras and socks. (that way the underparts are always clean, and you won't run out) The outer clothes can be worn a couple of times. (We don't want smelly people)

Suitcase and Carry on (backpack)
  • ISIC Card
  • Debit Card-- from your bank -- let bank know you will be traveling so they don't freeze your account -- see what the international fee will be for ATM
  • Money belt
  • Journal and a couple pens or pencils
  • Possibly a little notebook to take notes while on hikes, or in museums 
  • Booklet -- the one we have been learning from -- has itinerary and important info -- give your parents copies of the important info.
  • Paper with Handouts (20 copies)
  • 1 pair of walking shoes (sneakers)
  • 1 pair of sandals or nice shoes to go out in
  • A draw bag -- those little backpacks that you can wear around to hold your booklet and water bottle on our hikes
  • Light Rain Coat -- Umbrella (small) 
  • Computer, IPad, Kindle -- if your bringing one -- put in carry on
  •  Ipod, Camera, Batteries, Chargers, Phones, headphones -- put in carry on
  • Adapter for outlets
  • Sun Glasses! Sun Screen - if you burn easily
  • A jacket- sweatshirt something for the nights it gets a little chilly
  • Bathing Suit, light Towel, Flip flops (beach possibilities)
  • Underwear - bras, socks, undershirts -- Two weeks worth
  • Sweater- Nice shirts (blouse for girls, button up shirt for classy men)  - for going out
  • T-shirts for normal day wear
  • Shorts or caprices, skirts or dress for Greece
  • In Turkey, Men are more likely to wear pants -- Women where caprices or pants or long skirts (No shorts) - especially in mosques (covered up)
  • Toiletries -- Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Brush, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste,  Deodorant (No funky smells allowed), perfume or cologne, lotion, Feminine products
  • Contacts or Glasses if you have them
  • Hair dryers and straighteners, try to share them -- not everyone needs to bring them.
  • Laundry- Tide baggies -- wash in sink at hotels
  • Rope and cloths pins, to hang dry cloths
  • Leisure books to read or something to occupy yourself on plane
Remember to pack only what you will need, don't over pack!

Read over the History parts of the booklets, so you have an idea of time periods -- (hint: could be on quizzes, plus good to know) -- long plane ride

Practice your Greek! So you can talk to the locals over there -- find a hot date one night! ;] haha sorry Heidi I had to do it.

If you have any other questions, please email Heidi and she will get back to you! Other then that be excited we have 28 days until we leave!!

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  1. Just a quick correction:

    Those meeting the group at the airport be there at least 3 hours beforehand and wait by the United ticketing area. We shall check in as a group and go through security together.
    Exceptions: Anyone flying into Newark shall meet at the gate.