Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning the Lang (food, coffee, numbers)

Γεια σας, Τι κάνετε?
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, Here is the update on learning.

If you have not received the bound Greece and Turkey Study Tour book, You need to get one from Heidi! They are very important!!! They have all the travel information, where we will be and doing on what day, it has the pages for learning the Language which is how I am going to update from now on. 

As for Last two Week's Class:

We got to meet Michalis, Heidi's fiancé, and spoke in Greek just a little. That was a fun experience. Hopefully he learns our names, and also we pick up some of the accent so we don't sound so American. We had to answer the questions and ask questions, so overall I we had to answer questions that they asked and ask questions back, so overall I would say the majority of the people going on the trip are picking up the language. 

We learned the words for the different  types of Coffees: (That is a page in the book)

We learned the Tavern food with Appetizers and Fruits.

The numbers up to twenty are here for help, however we learned them up to 100:

Hope you all are practicing with each other!

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