Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 3 Lesson for Greek

Γεια σας,  (Hello, ya-sas)

Καλημέρα - good morning = kalimera 

Τι κάνετε - How are you? = Te-Kanete

καλα - Good = kala

και σας - And you? = K-sas

I hope all is well, and you guys are practicing your conversational skills. This week we got a book that Heidi gave us that has our itinerary and all the information that is needed for our trip. Thanks Heidi! They look great! 

The first couple of pages are the day to day schedule of where we will be. Also it has all of our topics for the papers we are to be writing so hopefully you are writing those. Next are the hotels we will be staying at (A copy for the parents might be a good idea) and the EMERGENCY number for Heidi when were over there and our Flight information.

Since writing out all the words would be very long, here are some YouTube Videos that go over the majority of the words we learned this week. 

A Conversation of Name and How are you: (Corny but helps)

A Basic Video for Dining words:

A Basic Video for Shopping words:

A Basic Video that recaps some of the words as well as introduces Numbers!

A Basic Video for Questions and Directions:

Something to Look Forward to next Weds. We are learning numbers! Start practicing!

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