Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week Two of Learning! (Conversational)

Γεια σας,  (Hello, ya-sas)

Just a reminder when seeing each other around campus try out some of the words you know, like hello and how are you? That way you feel comfortable using the language.

kalimera = good morning - καλημέρα. Used both when coming to and going away from a place.

kalispera = good afternoon - καλησπέρα. Used only when coming to a place or meeting someone in the evening or at night.

kalinihta = good night - καληνύχτα. Used only as a goodbye greeting in the evening or at night.

This week's Lesson:
We watched a Greek 101 Common words and Phrases - Level 1 on youtube, I have attached the link.  Please watch this a couple of times to get some of the words down.

The important ones from the video:

Τι κάνετε - How are you? Te-Kanete

καλα, Good, kala

ναί - Yes, ne (A slight head nod)

όχι - No, O-He (A look up with the eyes)

τι - What, Tee (Hand gesture with thumb and pointer out, and a turn of the wrist)

ευχαριστώ - Thank You, efharisto

παρακαλώ - Please, your welcome, Parakalow

Δεν καταλαβαίνω - I don't understand, den katalaveno

 Θα ήθελα - I would like.. Tha-Ethela

περίπτερο - Kiosk - Pereptero

νερό- Water, nerho

FANTA -Oranageade 

λεμονάδα -Lemonade, Lemonada

σόδα -Soda

Παγωτό - Icecream, Pago̱tó

γυρο - Gyro - Herho

χοιρινό - Pork, Hereno

κοτόπουλο - Chicken, kotópoulo

απ Όλα - Everything on  it  (Tomato, cucumber sause, Onions, Potatos)

χωρίς- With out, cho̱res

Μιλάτε αγγλικά - Do you speak English, milas anglika?

πώς λέτε .. How do you say ... in Greek? pos les ... sta elinika?
Here is a good site that allows you to hear the different conversational phrases.

This has the ones from the video, and more so that site is helpful.

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