Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 3: Bursa

Today we left Istanbul, and took a Ferry across the Sea of Marmara on the way to Bursa.  The ferry was quite fun, and we were able to see the border between Asia and Europe. A fun fact is that Istanbul is the only city that is located on two continents.

The Bridge

On the Ferry!

In Bursa, we went to the Great Mosque. This was such a nice mosque, in the middle there was a sky light and a fountain. The fountain is where the people wash their feet, and face and hands.

The fountain and the sky light above.

Selcuk telling us about the mosque!

The mosque is also a place for people to read quietly.
Then we walked across town to the Green mosque. This mosque had a really nice courtyard, where Connor presented on Islam art and  architecture. Once inside it was smaller then the others we have seen. It had blue-ish tiles with blue-greenish carpets. There were three main platforms where the men prayed. On the sides there were two smaller rooms with beautiful tile domes, where the women prayed.  Outside of this mosque we crossed the street to the tomb of the sultan who had this building constructed, Mehmet I and his family.

The group in the Green Mosque.

The rest of the group in the mosque. Notice the guys do not have to wear coverings.

Michalis just chilling in the mosque.

The tomb!

Afterwards we were giving some time to do some street shopping. Our most favorite tea we have found is Apple tea! It is so good!

The boys enjoying their tea!

Kayla enjoying Tea!

Street shopping!

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