Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 6: Cappadocia

We started the day off at 5 am going on a Hot Air Balloon Ride! Nigel our British pilot was amazing.  We flew as high as 2000 meters. The views we saw were breathtaking, as one can see from the pictures. Approximately 80-90 balloons take off each morning in Cappadocia. Upon landing an hour later we got medals for participating and then a toast of champagne.

The group of brave souls <3

looking down

Balloon landing

Our shadow


Carrie getting her medal from Nigel!

The morning continued with a stop to the pottery shop. Here we got to see the process of making one of the most complicated pieces to make, a wine decanter (the circle shaped jug) based on Hittite examples. After this, the potter selected one of us, Jess, to give it a try. She had a rough start kicking the wheel up to speed, but she turned out to be quite the sculptor.

Artist at work hand painting vessels

Jess got picked to try and make pottery.

Look she did great!

The next stop was the underground city of Ozkonak where we had to crawl through many stone tunnels to navigate the various passages and rooms. These cities were built by the inhabitants in times of threat.

Air Hole

Crossing the Red River, the longest river in Turkey

Fairy chimneys

Fairy Chimneys

Camel rides for the first time!

Holding on!!! 

5-12th century Byzantine monasteries built into the rock.

The late night adventure was to a Turkish dance. This was a fun experience. Justin got picked out of the audience to dance with the belly dancer, and we all got to use the dance floor for a couple of songs. They taught the girls how to shimmy.

The belly dancer teaching Justin

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  1. What a fun day!!! But very busy no way I would have been crawling around in the underground city!!!