Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 8: Pamukkale

The morning consisted of a very long bus ride to Pamukkale. The views of the country side were amazing, and the lakes we drove by had sodium sulfate build up along their shores, which can be seen in the picture below (the tan sand area around the lake).

We arrived early in the afternoon at Pamukkale, famous for its hot springs and calcium deposits.

Upon arrival at the hotel we had free time to enjoy its amenities. The hotel had a spa, along with many pools. There was a thermal hot spring, which was very nice to relax in. The majority of our group spent their time tanning and swimming at the outside pool. A group of people tried the Dr. Fish treatment. This treatment is a tank full of little fish who eat the dead skin on the feet. Afterwards it leaves one's skin feeling soft and smooth. The feeling of the fish actually tickled. Overall, I would say everyone who got it done really enjoyed it.

Initial reactions to the little fish! They attack your feet! 

So funny! This was definitely an experience.

Tanning out by the pool!

The group out at the pool.
The last thing we did today consisted of a Whirling Dervish Ceremony. This was an interesting ceremony, where the Dervish monks, followers of Rumi, were in a trance between God and the people. There were three musicians and five guys who performed the dancing. Out of the five there was one leader, who controlled the placement of the men on the stage.  The ceremony ended with a  prayer of peace of the souls of all Prophets and all the believers.

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